Second Amendment The Last Veto Against Tyranny

EXCELLENT VIDEO – however, everybody is missing the point, there is NO SUCH THING as an “Assault Weapon!” There are semi-automatic pistols and rifles, and automatic pistols and rifles. There are combat rifles, but those being fully automatic, or burst capable, are ALREADY NOT weapons civilians can own even under the NFA (unless they were pre-1980 weapons which are rare and VERY expensive). The problem is not legal gun ownership, the gun violence problem is because of NON or UNDER-enforcement of existing gun laws, i.e. – violent felons having easy access to untraceable weapons. THE COMMUNISTS KNOW THAT YOUR GUN ENSURES YOUR LIBERTY – and they can’t stand that. The leftist’s Tyranny and Despotic rule require the American public be disarmed. So, f*ck off Joe. You can have my guns when you pry them from my cold dead fingers, and the 100 million Patriots like me. And you can take your NFA tax stamp and shove it up your A$$!