What Happened on Election Night 2016?

Wow!  What happened on election day?  Donald Trump actually won the election.  He took an early lead over Hillary Clinton and never looked back.  I am astonished.  However, I don’t believe the American people actually voted for Donald so much as they voted against Hillary and her neoliberal “politics as usual” establishment, in what can best be described as an American BREXIT vote.  The American people gave the Washington establishment, the mainstream media, and the oligarchs a great big middle finger.  Now we’ve got a demagogue, who had a 10 point margin at 81% disapproval rating, as our next president; and that my dear reader(s) may have been the oligarchs next best, “nuclear” option.  He may turn out to be an instrument of rapid internal destruction.  We will have to wait and see.

Who’s to Blame?

If you look at this situation logically, Hillary Clinton chose the next president of the United States, specifically Donald Trump, and she is completely to blame for anything that happens for the next four years.  Why?  She, with the support of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), sabotaged the Bernie Sanders primary campaign.  Bernie Sanders would likely have soundly defeated Trump, or any other Republican candidate.  Concurrently, she supported a Trump candidacy by the Republicans, because she figured there was no way she could lose to a racist oaf like Trump.  In my humble opinion, just about the only Democrat that Trump could have won against was Hillary!

As much as I suspected that Trump was actually generating large, real numbers at his rallies nationally, where Hillary was having to use camera tricks to make hers look like anyone showed up, I still couldn’t bring myself to count out the DNC, the Clinton political machine, and the oligarchs, from stealing the election through voting machine fraud, then pointing to the biased polls as evidence that all is well in Oz.  Maybe the democrats were never really good at hacking voting machines, only the Republicans are.  I still can’t believe she sent John Podesta out to send everyone home.  What a coward.

So what happened?

I think there are a few potential explanations.  Here’s some ideas to chew on:

  1.  Hillary was identified by the few remaining moral officials in the Intelligence Community (IC), the federal law enforcement agencies, and by independent operatives, as the straw that broke the Libyan camel’s back.  Dr. Steven Piecznik posted a video announcing a “silent counter coup d’etat” on November 2nd, outlining the IC’s plan to prevent Clinton from stealing the election.
  2. The oligarchs didn’t feel that it was worth further exposing themselves on behalf of Hillary Clinton, and they abandoned her on election day or shortly before.
  3. The American people came out so overwhelmingly in support of Trump, that even the voting machines being rigged weren’t enough.  Trump broke through the blue wall in Pennsylvania.  I’m certain no DNC pundit would have thought they would need to rig votes in Pennsylvania.  That state was a lock for Democrats… right?
  4. The Comey pronouncement that he was reopening the email investigation actually had an overwhelming chilling effect on undecided voters, leading to #3 above.  The collective memory of the U.S. population is probably down to somewhere around a week now, averaged of course between the 30 second “A.D.D./Youtube” memory of the millennials, and the multi-year memory of our seniors.  This may have sparked just enough anti-Hillary vote to push trump over the top electorally, despite Clinton actually winning the popular vote.

What do you think happened?  What’s to come?  Will President Trump direct the new Justice Department to go after Hillary on felony charges? Bill? Barack? I’m sure they’re already padding their sandy nest eggs and picking out colors for their penthouses in Qatar. It sure would be a breath of fresh air.  Heck, use that nasty little 2011 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) clause to indefinitely detain them as terrorists without trial or representation.  Wouldn’t that be an ironic turn of events.

From somewhere in a southern state.. signing off.

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