U.S. Election Integrity WORST in Western World

The United States has the WORST election system in the western world:
“When it comes to the quality of previous elections, the US stands out relatively poorly compared with other established democracies. As we discussed in a previous report 336, the 2014 Congressional election raised concerns about electoral laws, voter registration, the process of drawing district boundaries, as well as regulation of campaign finance.  The US also suffers from exceptionally partisan and decentralized arrangements for electoral administration. The PEI data show that, comparing with all 180 elections held worldwide between July 2012 and December 2015, the US ranks 60th for the 2012 Presidential election and 65th for the 2014 legislative election. These are the lowest ranks  among established Western democracies.
What more needs to be said? Plenty.  There are numerous videos explaining all the reasons for this, but the bottom line is, our votes currently do not count.