Views on the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections – Why Hillary Won in 2008

Hillary Clinton was promised the Presidency in 2008 by Henry Kissenger (Bilderberger Conf. McLean VA 2008), but was over ridden by other power players.  Now that Barack Hussein Obama is out of eligibility, it’s her turn.  She is the oligarch-corporate-intelligence-plutocracy’s choice to head up the department of Steal All the People’s Money and Freedom, aka – The U.S. Government.

Bottom line:  If 100% of the people in America voted for Donald Trump, Hillary would win the election 51% to 49%.  If 100% of the people in America voted for Hillary Clinton, Hillary would win the election 51% to 49%.  And if 100% of the people in America voted for Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, Hillary would win the election 51% to 49%.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for.  It only matters who the people counting the ballots want you to vote for.  And you have no way to prove they don’t change anything and everything relating to the election results.  There is zero accountability in our electoral system. The same sort of thing that happened in 2000 in Florida, and 2004 in Ohio, is going to happen again, because there is no candidate with a message strong enough to generate a genuine, if misguided, following.  History teaches us even those campaign promises are usually mostly lies.  Barack Obama filled that role from 2008 and 2012, the Liar in Chief.  The American people believed him despite proving himself to be completely untrustworthy repeatedly.  That’s what scares these oligarchs that support Hillary so much about people like Trump, Sanders, Stein and Johnson.  They wont be bought.  They know what has to be done, and it has nothing to do with some special interest group.

Before you start thinking that I am saying Trump would be a good President, let me just say, you’re wrong.  I think Trump would make a horrible President, but he would be a hundred times better than someone like Hillary Clinton, who has the integrity of a snake, and the moral compass of a turd in a toilet bowl.  Neither can make America “great”.  Trump would likely move us sideways, but that is better than going down at an even faster rate.  A Bernie Sanders or a Jill Stein could turn America around, and start bringing back it’s greatness, and position in the world as the moral compass.

(to be continued…)